House of 1,000 Views

Jiinhai Lake, China
2011 Unbuilt

The significance of the design of the Villa of 1000 Views is in the implementation of three strategies: provision of multiple sight lines, scalar privatization of spaces and, integration of smart and passive solar shading systems. From anywhere inside or outside of the villa, the inhabitant can access multiple views that dynamically articulate the layers of vista created by building, landscape, and natural elements. Separated from the entertaining areas of the below plaza levels, the private spaces hover atop the plaza. These spaces are strategically made private from public view with a bris-soliel veil that automatically opens and closes by the use of smart technology. Doubling as a sun shading device, this dynamic screen combines modern, innovative technology with historic references. The result is a state-of-the-art custom designed villa, made expressly for the discerning user.

Team: Doris Sung with Chu+Gooding Architects, Garrett Helm, Peter Vu, Henry Cheung.