Avenue D Offices

Torrance, California

The clients of Avenue D, a financial advising group, wanted a officespace that was visually striking upon entry. Their favorite imagery was a combination of Lambourghini cars, professional tennis circuits and fleeting clouds. After multiple brainstorming sessions with the client, the consensus was to somehow design a surface that simulated a stealthy cloud. Made from 1/2 thick polycarbonate sheets standing on-side and hung from plexiglass cleats, the surface mimicks the transformability of surfaces made by the artist, Tara Donovan. Upon first glance, it is impossible to understand what the surface is made of. It looks soft, lightweight and changing. No one can resist touching this surface, only to find that the surface is extremely hard, brittle and completely porous.

Architect: Doris Sung (principal), Julia Michalski, Sayo Morinaga, Dylan Wood.
Mechanical Engineer: Joey Jiron.