A Temporary Experiment in Weaving

Installation at bCandid Corp, Boulder, CO

All indigenous cultures around the world have some versions of weaving. From fabric to baskets to architecture, the detail of weaving is incorporated to the daily lives of millions. As a result of changing materials and economies, modern cultures have lost the art of weaving. With the emergence of the Internet, the concept of weaving has resurfaced with a new meaning. Web-like structures, interconnectedness, and new business models permeate many facets of this new start-up internet company. With a very small budget and two weeks notice, this temporary office was designed to be assembled and disassemble in a short amount of time. Borrowing ideas from indigenous cultures, tying details with rubber O-rings and other found objects like luggage tags became thematic throughout the wall. The result was a translucent screen made from copper mesh, copper tubing, copper wiring, fiberglass panels, wood and steel structure members. Employees of the company were able to add artifacts to the weaving by clipping them to alligator clips hung on magnetic copper wiring along the length of the screen wall. Eventually, the wall became an accumulation of various other materials, information and memories.

Team: Doris Sung (principal), Shawn Mather.