Weaving Perception with Color and Form

bCandid.com Headquarters, Boulder, CO

bCandid.com is a start-up company with a lot of attitude. In order to gain the reputation of being bold, ambitious and creative, they decided to be creative with the space they worked in. Their company provided private discussion capabilities to large corporations, aiding in communications internally amongst its employees. Interested in providing a playful space for their young and energetic employees, the company wanted to integrate a fish tank, iguana habitat, foosball table and colorful walls. Weaving these elements together with walls and programmed spaces brought relief to the common symptom of cramped and repetitive office cubicles. In addition, at two locations in the office, a view completely through the entire building was preserved. At the entrance to the main conference room, a viewer not only look through a series of windows through the building, but he/she would see the piecemeal company logo whole. Each part of the logo was positioned on a series of windows at the correct proportion for viewing at that one location. Similarly, the company motto was dispersed on several consecutively aligned windows, making complete sense at one location, at the moment of entry into the kitchen.

Team: Doris Sung (Principal), Shawn Mather, Sam Fan, Janny Chaiyavet, Bruce Barkey.
Contractor: Quinlan Construction.
Photographer: Cheryl Ungar.