Brand Juice Interiors

Denver, Colorado

The original company logo was an ellipse, implying the motion of reaching out and returning home, an appropriate theme for a branding company. Ellipses were repeated in two and three dimensions throughout the office space. Skylights, conference table, window graphics, and wall inserts reiterated this playful theme in many materials and colors. The featured wall at the conference room was covered with translucent frames filled with pigmented, hollow, truncated resin cones cut at angles. Because contractors were not prepared to pour resin to our specifications, dO | Su Studio Architecture were the resin subcontractors. Famous branded items such as Scrabble tiles, Energizer batteries and PalmPilots were impregnated inside several of the poured resin cones as a display for visiting clients. The conference table also echoed the elliptical theme on the surface in glass and wood composite and below in steel framework.

Team: Doris Sung (principal), Shawn Mather, Will Feemster, Norman Lewark, Janny Chaiyavet, Bruce Barkey, Sam Fan.
Contractor: Jordy Construction and Doris Sung Studio.