SCI-Arc Gallery, Los Angeles, California

This installation challenges issues of privacy in open-floor-plan living by exposing the ironies of the closet space in the domicile. At first glance the gallery might seem very much like a typical white box with white-painted sheetrock surfaces in all directions. However, on closer inspection the curious viewer can find hidden entrances to closet space(s), revealing a lot more than typical wood studs. Built from more than 600 pieces of 2x4 wood studs, this non-conventional closet is crowded with seating, flooring, canopies, tables and balconies. In one area, there is a floor that, when triggered, sends off mechanical reactions in the adjacent walls alerting others to the entry of a visitor. Following this space even deeper, one can find an alternating stairway leading to a mezzanine level where the viewer can peer over the 8 high walls, a standard height in residential construction, and catch a glimpse of more items like a collapsible table and bench, a curvilinear bench and an intertwining double lounge chair, all made from wood studs.

Design Team: Doris Sung (principal), Junya Oishi, Dayana Solis
Project Team: Jake Atlas, Jun Bae, Erik Belknap, Erik Blanchard, Tony Castillo, Hao-Yun Chuang, Joseph Curran, Mark Ericson, Michael Ferrante, Kate Feiertag, Akiko Fujii, Brian Ha, Grace Hodgen, Shao-wei Huang, Vanessa Jauregui, Catherine Johnson, James Jones, Steve Kim, Lionel Lambourn, Paul Matys, Monica McKay, Joshua Morales, Joe Tarr, Scott Towar, Christopher Turner, Jaret Uyeda, Mike Wang, Jonathan West, Chikara Inamura, Chiho Nishimura.