Cross Creek Golf Clubhouse

Temecula, CA (Design in Progress)

Because this clubhouse is limited to a one-story structure, wood structure, the roof is the main challenge. Working in collaboration with Buro Happold, consulting structural engineers, the initial pursuit was to design a gridshell structure, a roof-type that has yet to be built in the United States. It is a flexible structure made from long strips of wood, built flat at first. It is then lifted at strategic points and fixed once in position. This strategy can most readily accommodate a wavy, dynamic roof that would mimic the local landscape and the contours of the golf course. The alternative design is a ruled structural system, with each beam changing in size and orientation to produce a rolling surface. In this case, no two beams or trusses would be identical. Located in a dry, hot, desert-like climate, this project provides opportunity to respond to solar gain via large overhangs and louvering systems. Windows on the south side of the structure strategically step away from the sunís orientation. As a backup to these passive solar shading devices, newer cooling technologies, namely a chilled beam system, are being incorporated.

Architect: Doris Sung (principal) , Sookja Lee, Dong Woo Kim, Sabina Lira.
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
MEP Engineer: MDC Engineers, Inc.
Civil Engineer: Ranpac, Inc.