Monument and Park for Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

A derivative of the infinity symbol and the mobius strip, this design symbolizes the binding ties and codependent relationship that Koreans have to their homeland, whether they are native, naturalized or have emigrated to other countries. There is an intangible bond that always draws Koreans back to a country with high standards for ethics, intellect and culture, much like lovers. Even though there may be disagreements and malcontent, they always come back. Standing at 100 feet tall and 750 feet long, this Cor-ten steel ribbon transforms into two concrete bowls filled with circulating water, reiterating the unending loop of leaving and returning, literally, like the flight of an airplane and, figuratively, like the life path of a Korean. Water flows between the pools, adding another material, formal and audible quality to the design. The spanning engineering feat is mirrored symmetrically along its centerline to emphasize Koreansí interest in pairings and balance, deeply rooted in philosophies of yin and yang. Planned for completion in 2009, the monument is positioned at the vehicular entrance to the airport as an introduction and a farewell to all visitors and residents. It is set in a beautifully landscaped pedestrian park within walking distance.

Team: Doris Sung (principal) , Jun Bae.
Structural Engineer: Arup & Co.