KBKids.com Headquarters

Denver, Colorado

Part of the conglomeration of companies built by KB Toys, this Internet component sold and evaluated toys as a service to the consumer. With sample toys at every workstation in the office, the new office space was designed to expose and express the whimsical nature of this company. In an attempt to weave the layers of surface materials together, lengths of drywall emphasized with color were designed to overlap and connect the large, expansive office space. The reception area engaged the visitor to use his/her eyes to “stitch” the different depths of surfaces. Even the large “KBKIDS.com” sign behind the reception desk split the signage into layers, so that the viewer must actively focus their eyes at different depths simultaneously to read the sign in its entirety. While in the midst of fast-track construction, the successful company was bought by eToys and construction was halted.

Team: Doris Sung (principal), Shawn Mather, Janny Chaiyavet, Bruce Barkey.
Contractor: Jordy Construction.