Lock I

Series: “Lock to My Diary”

The first of a series of sculptures exploring different methods of locking and using my own body parts as the key, this piece utilizes the blind spot of the eye where the optic nerve meets the eyeball, as a hiding place in plain sight for this diary. When a pea-sized object is set at a specific distance and location from the eye, it disappears from sight. The diary, an etching on a nickel-plated button with text so small that it is barely visible to the naked eye, sits at the blind spot position when locked. As my face is inserted into a death-mask relief of plaster, four strategic triggers are pushed. Instantly, a weight drops, spinning the mini-diary in and out of the blind spot position. As the weight reaches its maximum position, double the distance of the blind spot, a light is cast onto the diary and the viewer can finally and comfortably read the contents in complete privacy. On exhibit at the Buell Center for American Arts in New York, this lock stands six feet tall.

Materials: Steel, brass, plaster.