Lock II

Series: “Lock to My Diary”

The second in a series, this combination of wood, plaster, iron and stainless steel incorporates a timing mechanism reminiscent of the old foliating clocks. As if it were in perpetual motion, the arm with pyramid-shaped weights rotates back and forth releasing others weights one-by-one. These weights allow the back shutter system to slowly open and reveal the view or world beyond. A second mechanism that catches the dropped weights, simultaneously pushes up yet another plate that eventually constricts the view that was so difficult to get. This diary emphasizes the passage of the fleeting moment, of the blink of an eye. Its expanded depth challenges the notion of the means justifying the ends, that the process of reflection is just as significant as the element of reflection. As in Lock I, my face is the key that triggers the entire mechanism. It stands 12’ tall, 16” wide and 2’ deep. The actual diary, a record of experiences, does not exist in tangible form, only abstractly and in memory.

Materials: Wood, rubber, stainless steel, plaster, iron.