A Diary Memor[ial]ized

JAE Publication

The Diary: A diary should be private. It may contain personal experiences or observations that require securing with locks. My diary is both a recording device and a viewing device, locked by a kinetic mechanism where the key is my face. This mechanism celebrates and, in effect, exaggerates the privacy of my records. Any curious viewer who tries to unlock this diary with his or her own face will find that the system is safe. Others can only watch from a distance interpreting my recordings from a distorted point of view.
The Mechanism: My facial features are permanently impressed in the plaster at the head of the sculpture. Upon insertion of my face into this mold, four sensors are triggered to release a metal weight. The movement by gravity of this plate, which is regulated by a simple foliot mechanism, simultaneously exposes my left eye and a pinhole Polaroid camera to a framed view. After the single cartridge of 12 exposures is emptied, the entire sculpture, or recording device, is converted into a viewing device where the photographic images are attached to the newly immobilized shutter system. In this function, the timing mechanism limits the viewing the images. As the light bulb begins to dim and inevitably expires, the death of the sculpture is reached.

Material: Mahogany wood, steel, brass, galumized steel, lead, rope, plaster.