The Memory Loom

Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, Colorado

Revealing the relationship between sense and perception, this project raises contemporary issues that are often taken for granted. On one hand, it reveals the “accessing” of memory as a spatial moment, more important than the actual memory itself. Through complex routing systems, a human is able to retreive a memory to varying detail. However, little is know about the time and dimensional space it takes to access that one little memory. In this intangible place, one questions the dialogue between actuality and virtuality, where memory, perception and imagination are freed from physical constraints. On the other hand and inmost cases, it is through the physical body--eyes, ears, tongue, etc.-- that perception can be affected. For this reason, the Memory Loom was designed for the body to enter first before the mind. Completely interactive and designed to respond to select human movements, this Loom will directly make the connection between sense and perception. Several visual and audio devices will be woven together in a tight knit format to contribute to the final experience.

Team: Doris Sung (Principal), Janny Chaiyavet, Sam Fan, Norman Lewark, Shawn Mather, Adam Morton, Todd Townsend