Glass Panel Shutter System

On-going Research

Various other building components for the market can also incorporate the material of thermobimetal. The metal can be cut into small pieces and assembled in a matrix of individual pieces that can operate like an organic shutter system and sandwiched between two panes of glass as part of a double-glazed window panel system. When the sun penetrates the exterior surface of glass and heats the interior cavity, the bimetal will curl and constrict light from passing. Depending on the brightness of the day, the bimetal shutter system can be calibrated to completely black-out the interior space, if necessary. Applied to a large sun-facing surface, this panel system can help reduce heatgain, reduce the need for artificial air-conditioning, and conserve energy. Without the need for manual controls or power, this product can operate tirelessly, effortlessly and endlessly.

Project Team: Doris Sung (principal investigator), Julia Michalski, Wenjia Xu